Citadel Empress Coopertive Housing Society Limited, Pune

The Citadel Empress Cooperative Housing Society Limited (Registered) is situated at Svy No 67A/3 on BT Kawade Road, Pune. Registered on 30 Jan 2015 under No PNA/PNA(2)/HSG/(TC)15879/Year 2015, the society has a total of 108 dwelling units (88 flats in two 11-storied buildings and 20 villas). It has a Club House, a Gym and a swimming pool.

This group is open to the members of the society (or their representatives) and other residents only.

The purpose of the group is to have a common platform to interact and keep everyone updated on the latest.

If you own a dwelling unit (flat/ villa) in Citadel Empress but have not yet become the member of this group, send an email to in order to get yourself added to this group.

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